Delicate petals Intricate and diverse As the roots are nutured colors become vibrant and they flourish Like snow flakes you are rare and distinctive No other like you so you shall remane nameless You will be referred to with a beautiful definition Yet your tru meaning shall remane nameless No other like you will walk […]

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Some days I sit and I ponder If holding in these conflicting feelings of pain anger and resentment are some how feeding my disorder How cruel of you to starve me of a life and happiness. Man… fuck fucking bipolar! Pointless expressing this confusion that festers within me Some people’s responses and lack of knowledge […]



Expressions feelings emotions revelations There’s an order of operation for every thought process We were put in this world we didn’t create it True or false. Facts are things that can be proven? Words and pictures hieroglyphics and religion Passed by those who paved the way You know all the the matriarchs, our precious ancesters. […]

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Mind Control

Its difficult to Express my deepest wants needs and desires It’s a mission being understood and accepted I’m a taste that’s definitely aquired Not to serious far from pretentious Very practical… Distance isn’t created from anti socialism I consider the capabilities of others My own strength is what brings worry Anxiety manifest with thoughts of […]

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Oxus Moros

Is it possible to think about your thoughts? I question my thoughts and my thoughts have questions. It’s so frustrating being angry for no reason. Even more frustrating is knowing my frustration is being questioned and frustrated for never receiving an answer. The way my mind works is so intricate My mind keeps me intrigued […]

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Telepathic astral project spirituality innerstanding articulate The energy that manifest is the being in which we exist chakra next level So do we really exist? Tongue is a mighty sword Words spoken Come to existance Knowledge is growth Growth is evolution Humans full potential is never fully explored Mind over matter If it don’t matter […]

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No individualism I’m not an individual I’m a spiritual being with essence and I exist as a realm Powers submerged in my soul are accessible because I know I’m a spiritual being residing in the human world To be an individual is to separate and seclude I’m unified with the earth and my creator Respect […]

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I just realized I’ve been seeking the approval of others Not the approval of being like anybody else or fitting in to any specific group or click. The approval to be myself. I seem so far fetched and like no other it’s almost like I don’t feel human at times. It’s like I’m waiting for […]

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Spiritual Bond

my soul mate must bond spiritually 5th dimension frequencies To expand beyond the mind and body the journey must be taken independently We then come together as one, and share our special spiritual bond We connect outside the body form We form a spiritual bond Soul mate so much dedper than a husband or a […]

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Just a Wednesday

I literally wrote this entire little auto-biography. It was amaze-balls! One Pitney sleep the other quietly and safely exploring shit that shouldn’t even interest her and my king, my son first born on his way home from his first day of second grade. Then reality became my existence. Alex awoke in an uproar. Amyah who […]

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